This site is a collection of touchstones that the secular (or religious) Westerner may find useful in progressing their Spiritual Life

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The Tarot and other means of communication. Free (short!) readings, and information on communications with spirit.

Quotes, Pictures, Poetry and Insight. “These .. are designed to train the mind, not inform it.”

Aerist’s Jottings. Touchstones from Self to Self

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Other people’s sites I support, recommend, quote from and contribute to.

Guides to Enlightenment. The essential, free and priceless self-training tools for anyone interested in developing their spirituality in the secular West, these two guidebooks neatly fit into either a secular or religious worldview, with graded exercises which surely take you towards the final stage of enlightenment.

The Awakening Self – Emergent self-awareness. The home of the writings of my friend and guide, the Spiritual Teacher and outrageous free thinker D.C. Vision (1965-2012), aka Corvus.