What does awareness feel like? — 2 Comments

  1. That feels like one of those ‘it’s right under your nose’ kind of questions to me…awareness is what you are capable of sensing (or ‘feeling’ for an alternative use of the word) and the knowing that derives from it. What does awareness feel like? Precisely…

    Your friend was trying to draw you into the Eastern definiton of the word ‘awareness’…which is hardly awareness at all. He is actually defining consciousness in its latent state, which to those of his mindset is the ideal…and yet had he just spent his existance in non activity, he would never have been capable of drawing his conclusions. Nothing from nothing leaves nothing…

    ~ DC Vision

  2. Yes. To be actively aware means that if there is sensation present – and there is always sensation in the body – we must feel it.

    The brain is the limiter on sensing, as the number of sensory nerves in the body exceeds the brain’s ability to process it all.

    And if we are not aware of some sensation, we are either not aware, or have meditated away from body-feelings: “withdrawal of the senses” as the yogis have it. In that case are not in a position to say whether it feels pleasurable or painful to the body, because we have no awareness of it.

    Your poetic – as always – description in your recent blog post accurately describes how it is for me.

    I interpret that feeling as “good”!

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