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  1. “it is the first cognizant experience that is not ‘safe’ or
    predictable’ that cements into the core behavior pattern”

    It is because that is the primary function of the brain’s conscious processing – survival. If the experience was not ‘safe’ or ‘predictable’ then the experience has to be manifested again and again until a ‘safe’ and ‘predictable’ outcome is fully realised. This would also explain why the brain obsesses over ‘fears’ – because potentially unsafe and unpredictable experiences are like land mines that can manifest at any moment. It might sound foolish, but the brain’s fear is what allowed us to make it as far as we have along the journey of consciousness evolution. ‘Fear’, ‘anxiety’ and ‘worries’ keep the body from making potentially life threatening actions.

    It is important for you to not see the brain’s actions as somehow ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’ – it is simply doing what its function is. It is far more progressive to understand that the brain’s actions serve the dream the body is having – if you want to stop living that dream, then stop identifying its manifestation as Your reality.

    ~ DC Vision

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